He went to England and waited for 21 years to kill a British Lieutenant Governor who was responsible for the death of thousands of Indians!

We heard and read about general Dyre who massacred thousands of common Indian without impunity of gender, age caste creed and so on but not over his death.

The happenstance was completed within fifteen minutes that has got a permanent niche in Indian history. He heaped thousands of Indian as a corpse. Every soldier fired thirty-three rounds and in sum total 1650 rounds were fired and the area was like a blood river and more than two thousands in an attempt to escape from there were writing with dismembered bodies strewn all over around the spot.

He clamoured, “I awarded this punishment for the disrespectful Indians and am at glee over this. Had I in possession of still more ammunitions, I would have continued still more.”

An English daily viz “Morning post” praised him as premier of success.

Jallian Wallabah shook India. A youth viz Utham Singh from Punjab took an oath that he would revenge the culprits instrumental for this massacre, the then Punjab governor Micael O Dyre and this general Dyre.

As he said, waited for 21 years, earning a daily wage in England by washing the plates served with food, saved money to buy a gun and fired at former Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab Michael O’Dwyer on March 13, 1940.

Indian populace rejoiced at his deed.

But Gandhi, our so called father of this nation, condemned it calling as “deed of an insane”. Nehru and Gandhi influenced the Punjab government to pass resolution condemning Utham Singh and express solace to the deceased’s wife. Netaji wrote condemning and opposing such deed and appreciated Uttam Singh thus bought the wrath of Gandhi.

There developed crack between Gandhi and Netaji and it was one of the reasons that Gandhi meticulously planned to ill-treat Netaji by Congress, England court ordered to hang Uttam Singh.

Uttam Singh prayed to bury his body in England soil to occupy six feet soil forever in England as they ruled our soil till then and clamoured it should be an insult to you forever.

He kissed his hanging rope on July 31, 1940, with Vandhe Matharam.

He was called as martyr king but banning his religious ritual, buried in England jail premises.

S Sadhu Singh, the then MLA of Sultanpur in Punjab pleaded the centre to bring at least the bone remnants of Uttam Singh. On this, the then PM Indira Gandhi endeavoured in this orientation.

After thirty five years i.e. in 1975, the England government dug and packed the bones lying in the burial place of the great martyr.The bone remnants of Uttam Singh were received and burnt with state honour in his native town and the ashes were let in Ganga River

We praise the martyr! Jai Hind!

Credits: Vaidya Iyer