What makes RAW the most dangerous intelligence agency in the world?

India’s RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) is one among the most powerful intelligence agencies of all over the world. Founded in 1968 and headquartered in New Delhi. The responsibility of India’s secret intelligence services is to give intelligence support to the Defence services of India.

It is mainly associated with guarding the country from terror attacks of Pakistan and China.

Another primary function of RAW includes collection of external intelligence and counter terrorism. RAW is engaged in protecting the country from many attacks from the foreign nations. This wing is quite well equipped to extract information from the foreign nations and their conspiracies.

What led to its establishment…

Following India’s miserable performance in the 1962 border war with China, the need for a separate external intelligence agency was clear. During that conflict, “our intelligence failed to detect Chinese build up for the attack,” writes Maj. Gen. V.K Singh, a retired army officer who did a stint in RAW, in his 2007 book. The failure of the Sino-Indian and Indo-Pakistani wars, which persuaded the government of India, had to think of establishing a specialized, Independent agency dedicated to foreign intelligence gathering.

o RAW’s motto depicts-he who does not observe “Dharma” is destroyed while he who follows it meticulously is protected. Dharma, in this contest stands for the nation. It is a secretive wing that was formed in the year 1968 in order to protect India’s security by Shri Rameshwar Nath Rao.

o Its officials are sent to various places across the country and the world for rigorous training, including countries like United States, United Kingdom and Israel. Trainees receive an exhaustive training in the art of self-defense, mainly Krav Maga and the use of technical espionage devices.
o Earlier RAW used to hire people only from IB (Intelligence Bureau), Indian Police service and Indian military and revenue departments. However, in the present times, being a part of RAW has become much simpler than before. As the organization, has started choosing students from the universities as well. Pretty good opportunity for the Indian youth to get into this organization in order to serve and protect the nation.

o RAW had carried out an operation and successfully tapped the telephone conversation which took place between the Pakistan army chief, Parvez Musharraf and his chief staff Lt. Gen Mohammed Aziz. This conversation proved that Pakistan was involved in the Kargil incursion and RAW was successful hand in finding this out.

Kargil War: Critics accused the RAW had failed to provide intelligence that could have prevented the ensuing ten-week conflict that brought India and Pakistan to the brink of a full-scale war. The seized tape of conversation was later published by India to prove Pakistani involvement in the Kargil conspiracy.

o The Right to Information Act (RTI) has nothing to do with RAW. And it is neither applicable to this wing. The organization is not answerable to anyone for its operations in the parliament or the supreme authorities. It’s working is such that is organised and all forms of rights are been given to it. The questioning authority is only with the Prime Minister and its Chief Officer.

o The head of RAW is called the “Secretary” (Research) in the cabinet secretariat. Current chief is “Anil Dhasmana” under the direct command of the Prime Minister and the reports on an administrative basis to the cabinet secretary of India, who reports to the Prime Minister.


Operation Meghdoot: RAW received the information from a UK based company through which both India and Pakistan were ordering mountain gears, that a very heavy and large order has been placed by Pakistan for hundreds of mountain gears, snow jackets and shoes. RAW received information from the London Company which had supplied Arctic-weather gear for Indian troops from Northern Ladakh region some paramilitary forces that Pakistan too had bought similar Arctic-weather gear.

Operation Bluestar: It was ordered by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in order to establish control over the Harmandir complex in Punjab. This operation was conducted with the motive to remove militant religious leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his militant followers from the complex. It was an Indian military operation which occurred between 1st and 8th of June in 1984. It was carried out by the Indian army troops, 83 of them were dead and 249 injured.

Khalistan Movement: It was a movement by the Sikh community under which they demanded to have a separate country for them named “Khalistan”. They put forward this condition of Khalistan when the Muslims league demanded a separate country for Muslims during the Lahore resolution 1940.

This lead a section of Sikhs into concern. They feared that their community would be left out after the Independence; the country would get divided among the Hindus and the Muslims. And they would be left without any homeland.

Operation Shakti: When India fooled America- This operation was led by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam conducted by 11th of May 1998. It was after this operation that the world came to know that no satellite or any device can spy and measure or find out the intentions of India. America was spying over India by satellite and India had successfully fooled it.

Merger of Sikkim: The merger of Sikkim into India was one of the smartest things enacted by the RAW. Though it led to controversies and criticisms by China and other nations, this merger had turned to be successful. In 1975, the PM of Sikkim had requested the Indian Parliament to add Sikkim as a part of India.

2008 Mumbai Attacks: Few hours before the attack took place, a RAW technician monitoring the satellite traced the conversation between the attacker and the handler and the handler following up the instructions. It took place before 2-6 months before 26/11 Mumbai Attacks RAW had traced the threat. US has warned India of the Pakistani terrorist attack and also pointed over the Mumbai Taj hotel.

For all those who accuse the RAW organization for its failure, firstly needs to know that this wing does not work openly and its operations are secretive. It is insisted to work in disguise and not disclose the information. Thus helps through the intelligence support to Indian army.

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