Know the interesting story on why Baijnath Mahadev Temple was re-built by a British Couple in 1883!

When two words are framed together, “British & India”, it evokes hatred and anger in the minds of every Indian. British are the one troop who ruined our country as much as possible and left behind a Helpless Country out of a Rich & Prosperous Nation!!

They are known to not except Indians as their own and Indians were ill-treated by them to the core. Indian Culture was ruined and Hinduism broke its roots under the British Rule!! Built many churches and cathedrals where thousands of Indians got converted to Christianity.

Being an exception to all these atrocities, one British couple stood out of the crowd and laid a mark of their own. One such relic is the story of a British couple who got “Baijnath Temple” in Agar Malwa, Madhya Pradesh, renovated around 1883!!

If you claim for the authenticity of this story to be genuine, then “The website of Municipal Body of Agar Malwa” stands as evidence to it.

Without any second thoughts, this combination of a British Couple and Lord Shiva’s temple seems to be weird of out all kinds. But why did a British couple, who till date had nothing to do with Hinduism or Lord Shiva spend for the temple’s renovation?

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The unheard story goes like…

The story dates back to 1879 of British India where Lieutenant Colonel C Martin was posted in Agar Malwa area of central India. The British Indian army was fighting an intense battle against the Afghans refused to bow down despite many attempts. Lt Col Martin was also sent on the frontier in 1879.

It is said that Lt Col Martin kept his wife- Lady Martin posted about war through letters, also informing her that he was alive. A few month passed, though Martin’s wife was worried for him, but letters kept informed that her husband is still alive.But for her ill-fortune, the letters stopped after a point of time.

The battle got further intense. The menacing Afghans were giving the British a tough time and rest was taken care of by the rough terrain that Afghanistan is. The frequency of letter decreased and soon there were no letters coming from Martin’s side. The worried wife had nowhere to go.

One day, she visited the Baijnath Mahadev temple.. 

Failing to communicate with her husband through letters hadn’t only made her worried, but it was also affecting her health. One day, while riding her horse, she passed by Baijnath Mahadev temple. The sound of conch and mantras attracted her and she went inside the temple.

The British woman went inside and told Brahmans her problem. They told her that Lord Shiva listens to the prayers of devotees and takes them out of difficult situations in no time. They advised her to perform the “Laghurudri Anushtthan” of the Mantra: “Om Namah Shivaya” for 11 days.

The legend has it that she prayed to Lord Shiva that if her husband reaches home safely, then she would get the temple renovated.

As it is witnessed by every Indian, true devotion never goes unanswered!! On 11th day of the Anushtthan, she received a letter from her husband informing her that he is fine and the British won the war. Lady Martin is said to have fell on the feet of Lord Shiva and thanked him for the blessing with tears of joy. It is then she believed in the divine power of Lord Shiva and his grace.

The British Couple paid Justice to the Promise.. 

As promised by Lady Martin, she and her husband got the Temple renovated by contributing an amount of Rs. 15000 and got the whole temple renovated under their surveillance before they returned back to their homeland. They also turned to be the Devotees of Lord Shiva since then. There is also a scripture placed in the temple that explains this whole story.

Some historical incidences do make us think twice over its authenticity but evidences placed are a answer to every query. History says it that, whatever happened in the past leaves a trail behind of its own, to be conveyed to the future generations. Beliefs are one’s own choice and experiences…

Source: Hinduexistence.org